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The New Website Checklist

We'll do most of the work, but here are a few things you might want to start thinking about ahead of time.

Which persons in your organization will be responsible for gathering information and supporting media like photos, logos, and any printed materials that would have the information we'll need?

Do you already have a domain name for your organization's website?

Are you currently in any contracts with hosting companies or other development firms?

Do you have the login credentials to access your existing website and files?

Do you have a list of competitors in your industry?

Do you have a list of websites that look, feel, or act the way you would like your new site to?

Do you have a list of keywords or search phrases that your potential customers would use to find you?

These are questions that almost always come up in the initial discovery phase with our clients. Considering these things prior to our first meeting will help us get started working for you sooner.



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