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How We Do It...

There are many steps between having an idea for a marketing campaign or website and getting it published or online. Below is a brief breakdown of what you can expect when working with Lee Graphic Design.

The Discovery Phase

Whether done over the phone, via email, or in person, this is where we get our heads together to determine the overall scope of the project. Here are a few things you can think about ahead of time.

Are you pleased with your company's branding (logo, colors, etc) or are you looking for something fresh?

Do you have a list of competitors in your industry?

What are they doing that you like or feel would benefit your organization?

How does the Internet affect your business or organization?

Do you have an existing website?

What do you like about it, and more importantly what don't you like about it?

What is your anticipated timeline for the completion of the project?

What is your budget allowance for this project?

The average time for the discovery phase is usually around a week or less, depending on the scope of the project.

research and proposals

This is the phase where we will do some preliminary work researching your industry, your competitors, and determining the recommended course of action for your organization. Based on our findings, we will put together a proposal along with a breakdown of the expected timeframe for various aspects of the project, and a quote with a breakdown of the expected expenses for your project,

Web and print design projects may include simple mock-ups of the general direction, which will help us ensure we are all on the same page. More complex development projects or marketing campaigns may simply include an outline that will define the scope of the work, and highlight areas where more information will need to be gathered as the project moves forward.

Clear and effective communication between our us and our clients is key to avoiding possible delays or re-designs that can incur additional costs. We hit the ground running, so it is crucial to make sure we're headed in the right direction when we do.

Because things do change, we know we have to be flexible. When necessary, you will be notified in advance of any changes in direction that may incur additional costs, and/or affect the original timeline.

Getting The Work Done

Should you decide to accept our proposal and hire us for your project, we will typically start on it within 24-48 hours, or on the date specified in the proposal, provided all of the materials are in place. This includes any requests for logos, artwork, copy, images and/or deposits from the client.

Once the project is started, you will be notified with regular progress updates from our end. We may also give precise instructions and guidance when needed for anything we're counting on you to provide us with to keep things moving along.

We typically work best if there is a clear chain of communication, preferrably with a single point of contact from your organization. This person does not necessarily need to be technically minded, but should be able to make many of the daily decisions and approve changes between major checkpoints without 'bugging the boss' for every little thing.

Of course we're not happy until you're happy, and encourage feedback from everyone involved through the main contact person.

An Ongoing Relationship

Have you ever been schmoozed by a salesperson, then felt left by the wayside once the sale was made? Most of our work is from return clients who feel they made the right choice when deciding on a designer or developer.

While we take pride in completing projects, we always hope to continue beyond the finish line. Whether that's through maintaining your site, refreshing your marketing materials, or simply providing support and training with your new tools, we're there for you.

If we're working on a web project for you, we can maintain your site and make recommendations for changes as needed to keep your organization in the spotlight. If we're aware of changes that may affect the way you do business, we will be sure let you know how to make the most of it.



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